Saturday, 17 March 2012

Who Wrote This?

Here's a little something which appeared in my letterbox this morning. 

It looks like an environmental flyer, doesn't it?  I'm not sure who it comes from because contrary to Section 181 of the Queensland Electoral Act 1992, it doesn't contain a name or contact details of the person who authorised it.  However, it does bear a few clues.

Firstly, one column talks about "Simon Finn and Labor", while the other talks about "Campbell Newman's LNP".  So which party is promoting the identity of its local candidates while trying to smear the man attempting to become President of Queensland?

Secondly, you may notice that we are not explicitly urged to vote for any particular candidate - not, for instance, Greens candidate Libby Connors whose properly authorised flyer also arrived today.  So this is clearly not a Greens pamphlet.  It is certainly not a piece of LNP advertising.  We are, however, not very subtly encouraged to give our preference to Mr Finn.

Thirdly, you will notice that "Simon Finn and Labor" receive five ticks, while "Campbell Newman's LNP" receive five crosses.  This is not the usual approach of environmental lobby groups, who in addition to telling you who they are, generally attempt to be a little more even-handed with their praise and criticism.

I don't want to accuse anyone unjustly.  Perhaps this is the work of a feral Labor supporter.  Still, my suspicions are aroused.  The funny thing is, I was planning to do just what it recommends, but now I'm having a few doubts.

Postscript: The day after I posted this story, Mr Finn called me (in response to an e-mail I sent him) and explained that yes indeed this does come from his office, and that a photocopying error cut the authorisation off the bottom of the flyer - future distributions will have his authorisation clearly displayed along the bottom!

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