Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Abortion debate in 28 words

Some of my rellies, along with various other people, are currently involved in an attempt to break the world record for the longest Facebook thread.  The subject is, of course, abortion.  The thread is currently up to 380 comments plus various likes and dislikes.  They would have broken the record by now except that the host deleted the original thread in a valiant attempt to enforce some minimum standards of courtesy.

I've carefully refrained from participating.  I've previously tried to bring some ethical nuance to this debate, but I've found it doesn't help much because no-one is listening. 

So my latest idea is that we should dramatise the abortion debate as a kind of Flash Mob event, like this one in a food court, with people popping up from opposite ends of the room to advocate their positions.  In my head it sounds a little like the third section of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Pro-lifer 1: Don't kill babies!

Pro-choicer 1: They're just collections of cells!

Repeat several times and then...

Pro-Choicer 2: It's a woman's right to choose!

Pro-lifer 2: How can you choose to kill babies?

Continue to repeat both couplets before introducing couplet 3.

Pro-lifer 3: All life is sacred!

Pro-choicer 3: What is life?

Further voices could be added to amplify each couplet as the volume rises to cacophonic level.

For those who feel the levity of a Flash Mob is a little inappropriate for such a serious subject, an alternative would be to declaim the different points of view over the backing track to The Doors' Horse Latitudes.

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