Thursday, 22 September 2011

Not a Career Politician

Talk about turning a negative into a positive.  Ray Smith, the Labor candidate to become Brisbane's Lord Mayor next year, just had a flyer delivered to my letter box. 

First of all he tells us this.

Everywhere I go people are telling me they're fed up with costly toll tunnels that nobody uses.  Council isn't solving our traffic problems.  Despite all the wasted money, traffic is worse than ever.

Fair enough, but later on he tells us why we should vote for him.

My background is in business - I'm not a career politician.  I haven't sat around in Council for over 20 years like my opponent, instead 20 years ago I started a small business working for myself.  Today that business employs over 150 highly skilled locals.

In other words, unlike Graham Quirk, the long-standing Councillor who recently inherited the Lord Mayor's job when Campbell Newman stepped down to make his tilt at becoming president of Queensland, Ray Smith has no relevant experience.  While Councillor Quirk has been toiling away for the past two decades at running the Council with its 7,000 employees and billion dollar plus budget, Mr Smith has been running a small business.  This is why we should vote for him?

Speaking of those tunnels and the man who gave them to us, what was Mr Newman doing before he became Lord Mayor?  You guessed it, he was running a small business, and campaigning for the mayoralty on the basis that he wasn't a career politician.  How times change!

Perhaps Mr Smith wasn't aware of that because he was too busy running his business at the time.  Or perhaps he thinks we'll have forgotten.  Not likely, Mr Smith!

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Brad McCoy said...

And now Can-Do is running for Premier with no parliamentary experience. Perhaps times don't change?