Saturday, 30 April 2011

What I Did On My Holidays

Spent five days in Sydney - three days running focus groups with public housing tenants and two attending the National Affordable Housing Exchange, where they spelt my name wrong on the program.  This wasn't really a holiday but when work's this interesting it can be hard to tell the difference.

Visited Eden, sleepy NSW coastal town and long term base for whaling and fishing.  Eden was the site for an amazing and maybe unique collaboration between human whalers and orcas in the capture of humpback and right whales, documented in Tom Mead's Killers of EdenNow people come to watch whales, and to visit the museum which celebrates their killing.

Spent three days on Phillip Island, walking and enjoying beautiful scenery, failing to see any short-tailed shearwaters (except one that looked seriously ill) and joining thousands of tourists who miraculously appeared from nowhere to watch penguins walk up the beach at sunset.

Drove to Adelaide via Lake Colac, the Coorong and Lake Albert.  On our last visit three years ago each of these bodies was half empty and stank of rotting waterweed and salt.  They are now beautifully full and healthy-smelling.  There has to be some good come out of all this rain.

Spent a few days visiting the ageing but healthy in-laws in their new compact Adelaide home.  Nice, but strange after 30 years of visiting them in the rambling house that used to be home to six growing children.  Also visited various members of the younger generation some with tiny children of their own.
Took lots of photos, some of which are quite pretty.

Came home to a long weekend of lazing around, ready to dive back into normal life on May 3.  Bring it on!

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