Friday, 28 January 2011

Love of an Orchestra

The explosion of "new folk" music is definitely a Good Thing.  My latest love along this line is Noah and the Whale's The First Days of Spring. 

The album is a little on the gloomy side, being (what else?) a series of songs about lost love and the associated despair.  Cue lots of slow songs about loneliness and depression, before the final song climbs out to a kind of acceptance and hope.

But now I'm free,
Now I'm free,
Now I'm free from all your pain.

Well you have only let me down
you have only, let me down
but my door is always open
yeah my door is always open.

Like the album title says, the first days of spring.  At first listen the whole thing seems gloomy and a tad boring.  Repeated listens get you cued into the clever arrangements, the lush orchestration and memorable hooks, as well as the lyrical movement from despair towards hope.

What's really got me buzzing, though, is that in the dead centre of this gloom and despair is an absolute gem of a song, a mini-masterpiece of bubbling hope and joy called Love of an Orchestra.  I defy anyone to listen to this song without feeling joyful.

I know I'll never be lonely
I've got songs in my blood
I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra
gimme the love of an orchestra

So now in my deepest sorrow
there's no need for despair
I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra
gimme the love of an orchestra

Sure you lost your love, but who cares when you can make music like this?

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