Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New heaven, new earth

Fran Boydell says

When Jesus inaugurated his kingdom it was not as people imagined.  It was upside down.  It was inclusive of unexpected people.

What if the new heaven and the new earth is also different from our imaginings?  What if our resurrection bodies are as diverse as the ones we have now?  What if the lame will leap for joy because someone helps them?  What if the dumb speak because they have been included in the conversation and the deaf hear because we all care desperately to make ourselves understood to each other?  After all, who decides what is the perfect body, or the perfect mind?  What if this inclusive community celebrates everyone the way they are because God has glorified us in our diversity and we know how to live caringly, carefully and joyfully together?

From "Enabling Education for All" by Fran Boydell, in Zadok Perspectives, No 107, Winter 2010.

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ish said...

Upside down. It's a contrarian faith. Great enabling and events of consequence occur via the the poor, the lame, the weak, the few in number, the unlikely. Not something we, in our pride, would have thought of: Not much money, sex and power on offer.